YogaAndBackCare - Introduction to Back Care

Introduction to Back Care

Many people suffer from Back Pain which can be helped by gentle exercise. It's wise to have a Back Care Exercise Assessment at the beginning to make sure you've found the best exercises for you.
YogaAndBackCare - Statistics about Back Pain

Statistics about Back Pain

An overview of the scale of back pain problems and the need for an approach to promoted active coping strategies that enables a person to return to pre-pain activities.
YogaAndBackCare - Back Care Assessment

Back Care Assessment

This page discusses what is involved in a Back care assessment
YogaAndBackCare - Dead Bug

Dead Bug

Instructions for the dead bug exercise which helps improve the core muscles to reduce back ache.
YogaAndBackCare - Exercises


A selection of back care exercises are available here
YogaAndBackCare -  Paralysed walk with implants' help

Paralysed walk with implants' help

Research in the University of California is bring hope to paralysed people that they may stand and even walk again. Reggie Edgerton in one of the team involved.
YogaAndBackCare - Keyhole Stabilisation of sacroiliac joint

Keyhole Stabilisation of sacroiliac joint

Keyhole stabilization for the sacroiliac joint in Cardiff is now available. A yoga and back care teacher in Cardiff draws people's attention to the treatment
YogaAndBackCare - Sciatica


A yoga teacher in Cardiff discusses sciatica and management strategies are suggested.