YogaAndBackCare - Back Care Assessment

Back Care Assessment

The cost of a back care assessment is £50.

The assessment usually takes an hour and a half.

There are two parts to the assessment:-

1. Skeletal analysis

2. Muscle tone analysis

Following the assessment the client receives a folder. This will show the results of the assessment and will carry a list of recommended exercises that the client can work on to lessen the pain in the back.

Most clients find a real improvement in their backs once they practise the exercises regularly.

Occasionally the skeletal analysis shows that with all the will in the world, just working on improving muscle tone will not solve the problem. If this is the case, the client will be recommended to seek help from a professional chiropractor.

All clients are asked to check with their GPs that there is no underlying medical condition that could be causing the pain before they seek a Back Care Exercise assessment.

Clients can then book a series of individual exercise classes at £30 each.

The aim is for a client to feel sufficiently confident with managing the back in an exercise environment that the client would feel comfortable in a yoga session or other forms of gentle exercise.