I first met Helen Yewlett, now Helen Lloyd Jones, while I was living and teaching in Oxford. I first went to teach there in 1978, and went several times thereafter. At that time she was running the Neath Yoga Club which she founded. It was for many years the only club in Wales at which the "Iyengar" style of yoga was taught.

From my recollection, Helen first learned yoga while studying with the Leicester Iyengar group. She was first asked by them to begin teaching in 1974, which she did in Rugby. It was when she moved to Neath, South Wales, in 1976 that she founded the Neath Yoga Club. It was shortly afterwards that I began going there. Many other leading teachers went there, including my own original teacher, Penny Nield-Smith. Penny is well-known for having taught such luminaries as Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, Donald Moyer, Sophy Hoare, Kathy Phillips, Mary Stewart as well as myself, all of whom went on to write books. Neath Yoga Club was a well-known port of call for many leading yoga teachers who, like myself, gave weekend seminars at the club. Dr Frank Chandra a leading researcher and expert on the therapeutic effects of hatha yoga upon the body also taught there.

As well as having trained in the safe, formulaic and structured approach of Iyengar yoga, Helen went on to study with Joan Lode, a highly respected midwife who was in charge of midwifery for Mid Wales. This confirmed her interest in yoga in pregnancy.

In those early days, the Iyengar yoga certification system was still patchy, and not as coherent and well run as it is now. I do know that Helen was favourably assessed, as the certification rules demanded, by three Iyengar teachers from the Iyengar group in London. But a fourth was required before Helen could actually be granted her certificate.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond her control, and largely due to a restructuring that was taking place at the London Iyengar Yoga Institute, it did not prove possible to arrange for that fourth assessment. Following that, however, she was given her certification by Peter Ballard, one of the senior and qualified teachers of that period.
Ever since then, Helen has continued to further her understanding of both hatha yoga and the human body.

She has now been teaching for 34 years, and has herself trained several teachers. I, personally, have no doubts that she is eminently qualified to be accepted at Level 3 by the Register of Exercise Professionals of the United Kingdom.

Kofi Busia 2008 http://www.kofibusia.com/

Helen is an Inspiration. Joe

Great teacher. Carole

Regained height which I had lost due to Osteoporosis. Esther

Improved health in that I have been able to reduce my smoking habits from 40 cigarettes a day to 10 small roll-ups in a relaxed way! Nesta

So glad to have discovered your class and so near to home- it was meant to be. Deb

Thank you Helen for making my first experience of yoga enjoyable and rewarding. Love Marie

The individual attention you give to students is a very powerful learning and when you refer to how they have performed in previous classes they realise how much progress they are making. I felt there was a real atmosphere of challenge with support always available and activities individualised to suit their needs and abilities. Official Class Observation Neil Winston 2007

Tutor has excellent in-depth subject knowledge which is shared with the learners. Calm, peaceful atmosphere is created by the use of appropriate quiet music. Official Class Observation Heather Marshall.

The aim and objectives of the session was given verbally at the beginning.The group was mixed ability and the more advanced were shown how to extend their skills
The tutor had excellent in-depth subject knowledge, which she passed on to the learners. Range of learning strategies such as demonstration, explanation, practical tasks and question & answer session. Learners are encouraged to work to the best of their ability. The exercises are challenging for all levels
Very supportive tutor who gave clear instructions and individual advice and guidance to each learner. Official Class Observation Heather Marshall 2010

Learners state that they are now more flexible and many are free from the pain they had been enduring for years. All were well motivated and obviously enjoying the session.Tutor gives constructive feedback. Learners are able to do more advanced exercises. Learners are encouraged to practice the movements at home. Tutor has a good rapport with the learners. Learners are encouraged to help each other. All are very enthusiastic and try hard to achieve the correct the postures. Many learners have found their general health has improved as a result of the course. Official Class Observation Heather Marshall. 2011

I am a beginner in Yoga classes. Yoga has improved my walking straight and breathing, feels good. Kusum

At the end of the course, I felt very fit and positive. I had learnt many skills and managed to do postures which I thought I will never be able to do. Vimla

Helen is very friendly and encouraging. I am enjoying the course very much. Sarah

In 2006 I took up Yoga after an illness which left me extremely unfit. Although it was a struggle at first I found that overtime I improved greatly. In particular:-
Improved posture
No back pain when standing
Increased flexibility
Helen teaches the class and caters for all ability- adapting postures to make them more achievable and extending the more able. Rosemary
Increased flexibility and strength. Reduced stress after classes. Help with relaxation. Michelle

Have managed to improve control of headaches without medication- fewer migraines. Freda

I became pregnant last October and the whole course has assisted in keeping me fit, well and supple through the nine months. Stretching has increased my flexibility whilst breathing techniques have helped in relaxation and having quiet “ me time”. Avril

Good course- good tutor! Helen

These classes are excellent for physical and mental health! Marge

My thanks for such an enjoyable session of yoga lessons! They have been an inspiration in so many ways! Marge

Doing things I could not do before especially gardening. Eve