YogaAndBackCare - The Four Elements

The Four Elements

Earth, Air, Fire and Water.. individual postures shown below but here is a video of the sequence

The start of Earth, Air, Fire and Water
  1. Feet apart, turned out, hands in prayer position.
  2. The bow in the yoga warm up Small bow ( Count of 8)
  3. Upright, reach forward, hands facing out. Upright and arms reaching out in the yoga warm up
  4. Take hands to earth, scoop, lift close to body and take them over head. Visualise that the hands are bringing the groundedness of the earth to each of the chakras as you bring the hands past each one. Bringing the earth to the chakras in the earth, fire, air water yoga warm up
  5. Bringing the earth to the body in the yoga warm up

    Bring hands forward and lock the thumbs.
    Firstly lock the thumbs
  6. With hands above head, bend to the right side ( Count of 8 ) bend to the left ( Count of 8) and repeat. A student in a yoga class in Cardiff using the Four Elements warm up and bending to the right
  7. Make a circular movement with the arms, cross them so the hands rest on the opposite shoulder.
  8. Twist to the side, make fists, draw your body downwards, bending the leading leg ( Count of 8) Down towards the floor with the hands as fists one on top of the other in the yoga warmup
  9. Fling the fingers open and come up. Cross the hands and flutter the fingers like butterfly wings. Repeat on opposite side.
  10. (Repeat 7, 8 and 9 )
  11. Turn to the front, hands above the head, palms facing the body, bring the hands down close to the body. Visualise that the hands are bringing the warmth of the fire to each chakra as the hands go past each one.
  12. Bring the hands up over your head, twisting wrists as you do so and bend backwards very gently.
  13. Reaching for the power from above to come into the lotus flower Cup the hands above the head to make the lotus flower shape, visualise that energy and joy is being brought from the air above and taken by the cupped hands down through the chakras to rest at the one at the solar plexus.
  14. Bring the hands together in the prayer position and enjoy being still ( Count of 8)

This lovely gentle warm up was given to me by one of my students, Brenda. It is a beautiful way to start a yoga class. Thank you Brenda for sharing it with us all.