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The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Yoga is not about touching your toes and tying yourself into knots, despite the image it seems to have. Yoga is about linking yourself with a state of bliss called Samadhi and often described as an Union with the Divine Spirit that is within us all.

Yogis talk about there being eight limbs of yoga. I have heard yoga teachers say that if a person follows just one limb, that person can find Samadhi.

However once you start on one limb of yoga, slowly but surely you should find yourself following the other limbs too and they become like an eight stranded plait, making a strong rope that you can ascend to reach Samadhi.

The Eight Limbs are

1. Yamas: Restraints

Ahimsa : Nonharming

Satya: Truthfulness

Asteya: Nonstealing

Brahmacharya: Sexual moderation

Aparigraha: Non hoarding

2. Niyamas: Observance

Saucha: Purity

Santosha: Contentment

Tapas: Discipline

Svadyaya: Self-study

Ishvara pranidhana; Devotion

3. Asana: Posture

4. Pranayama: Breathing

5. Pratyahara: Sense withdrawal

6.Dharana: Concentration

7. Dhyana: Meditation

8. Samadhi: Union