YogaAndBackCare - Parivrtta Krounchasana

Parivrtta Krounchasana

Parivrtta Krounchasana ( Revolved Heron pose) is a twist that tests the student's balance as well as stretching the hamstrings and the adductors.

Start by sitting up with your legs straight ahead of you.

Bend the right leg and grab the right big toe with your left hand. On an out breath, engage your tummy muscles to allow them to support the spine and straighten and lift your right leg bringing it up to make a 45 degree angle with the floor if you can, keep your back extended upwards and look over your left shoulder, lift the right hand up and stay still.

If it is not that easy to grab the right big toe, take a belt and put it around the right foot and hold on to the belt as shown in the photo.

The important thing in this posture is to have both of your legs straight. So the lifted one too as to be straight. If that means you can't lift it very high off the ground don't worry, the posture will improve. Do push your right heel away and try and bring your toes towards your body so you can feel the hamstrings stretch.

Feel yourself opening up. Try and bring your shoulder blades together so that your chest is open. Ideally your hands will make one straight line horizontal line and the posture will look beautiful and feel terrific.

Think about your sitting bones. Imagine you are bringing them closer together. This will help your pelvic floor muscles.

Remember to relax your tummy muscles for the in breath so your diaphragm can fully extend to enable you to fill your lungs with wonderful oxygenated air.

Quietly observe your posture as you breath and allow yourself to relax into the pose.

This posture is good for stretching the hamstrings and the adductors and it strengthens the back and arm muscles. It also improves balance and calms the mind.