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Rishi's Pose

Rishi is a seer, a person who has tremendous supernatural insight and honesty. Historically it was to Rishis that the Vedas, the Hindu Holy Scripture was revealed.

Rishi's pose is one of my favourite asanas. It works on my hamstrings and my lower back and it also works on the waist, the arms and the neck.

1. Stand with your legs apart. ( Later on you can investigate practising this posture with your legs wider apart)

2. On an out breath, bend from the hips forward and let the left arm reach down to touch the right leg.

3. If possible, lift the right arm up. If not rest the arm against your side.

Holding and relaxing into Rishi's pose

( If you have tight ham strings like me, your knees may bend a little. Try to straighten them but remember to be gentle with yourself)

4. Look up towards the lifted arm and feel your neck being worked.

5. Hold the posture for a few breaths. Then on an out breath come out of the posture slowly.

Repeat the posture on the opposite side. Enjoy!