YogaAndBackCare - Virabhadrasana III

Virabhadrasana III

Virabhadrasana should be so easy. Supporting leg straight. Back in neutral spine. Arms up. Other leg up. Perfect T shape from the side. Done.

Reality is not quite the same.

I have always liked the imagery used by Bikram Choudhury in his book Beginning Yoga Class. He tells you to imagine you are in a pit of crocodiles. Your supporting leg is safe because it is encased in a crocodile repellent. The hungry crocodiles can not reach up as high as your hips, so as long as you keep your back leg high enough and your arms high, you are fine.

You would be amazed at how many of my students would have their limbs eaten by those hungry crocodiles. And when I saw the photos of my work, my limbs would be eaten too!

Here is one of my attempts.

Try and do better and have the arms straight out when doing the Warrior III pose

More to come :- )