YogaAndBackCare - Gentle Warm up

Gentle Warm up

When you are in pain with back ache, every movement you make can hurt.

The good news is that the body has a mechanism to switch the pain off when we are exercising. It also kicks in when we laugh! If you watch yourself warming up in a mirror you may find you are laughing and exercising. Smile at your reflection!

Very gently, start walking on the spot. Start slowly, speed up if you can.

Start to swing your arms gently.

As you feel more confident, start to march. Even if you are only just lifting the feet off the floor that is fine. Can you pump your arms too? Go for it!

At any stage if you feel you are pushing yourself further than you feel comfortable, return to the less vigourous action.

You need to be warm before you start your exercises so keep moving on the spot until you can feel you are warm.

Well done.